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MG MGA - BBS Meeting Of Minds

Through this BBS, Cam, Dominic and myself met up yesterday to chat about our cars over lunch. Dominic was over here for a few days visiting his family in Ormskirk so it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Fortunately both my car (PSJ903) and Cam's car (GSJ303) are both serviceable so it was an opportunity to brave the bitter elements for the duty photograph or 2 before refreshments.

For my own part I learnt a few good engineering tips from them both. We also chatted about you lot!!!

It was certainly good to put the face to the name. In the attached pictures; top: me on the left, Cam on the right. lower: Dominic on the left, Cam on the right.

Have a good trip back to Switzerland Dominic.


Steve Gyles

Hi Steve. Who's car has the cut down windscreen? Is the cut down windscreen plastic or glass? If it is glass, how does one cut down the glass for the windscreen? It looks cool! Happy New Year everyone! Glenn
Glenn Hedrich

Hi Glenn

It is a complete kit I got from Bob West. The frame is a cut down standard frame. The supports are recast original Le Mans style. They are more swept than the standard. My screen is plastic (perspex I presume). It is 10 inches high compared to the standard 13 inch screen. Bob also supplies it 7 inches high. I opted for the slightly higher one so I do not get too blasted when touring. I can also still use the standard wipers. Obviously the hood does not fit so I have removed it to save weight.

Dominic is also building one. He actually has an original Le Mans side support - rare item.

Steve Gyles

Hi Steve - you forgot to add that this was the first time out with your refurbished engine , and it looks nice clean in the photo - cheers Cam

Cam Cunningham

I would love to have swelled the numbers of your exclusive meeting!
Cheers, Barry
BM Gannon

Steve I have always thought that the A shape with a small screen is the best looking car on the planet. Your's looks great. I'll be in the Uk for May and will pick up a screen from Bob West. The only need I have down under for the hood is to keep the sun off. I'll get myself a Mexican Sombrero Sean
S Sherry

It was great to meet yet more folks from this BBS, and we had a very interesting lunch. I also had the chance to survey Steve's great job on the engine refurb, and drove with Cam in his A to the pub. Altogether a very interesting and pleasant experience. Thanks for the beer and sandwiches both of you.
dominic clancy

Steve..the windscreen looks glorious and fits the overall lines of the car beautifully...I WANT ONE ( said in childish voice!). Before I leap in can you advise what the windage on the head is like....I am 6ft 2in and 65 and can't afford any more of the hair to be blown out at the roots ( on second thoughts maybe a bald bonce may improve mpg )
Regards Neil
Neil Ferguson

Sean and Neil...we had better put an order into Bob West for three of these screens then!... it will suit my new Honda S2000 MGA well..not on road yet, and as soon as I have worked out how to put pictures on this site, will do. BTW, can anyone enlighten me on how to get the pictures added?
Gary Lock

Gary..scroll down to page bottom.....under "comment" section..then click " upload' and choose the file on your pc or drive with the pic and click Ok . Pic should not be too large ..I usually go for aroung 60 to 120 kb and it goes on fine. Multiple pics seem to require multiple comments ( ie one at a time ..)
Neil Ferguson


I have not noticed any appreciable difference in wind blast to the standard screen. If anything, it may be a little less due to the improved aerodynamics. I certainly do not get blasted around the back of the neck so much. The top of the head may be a little bit more prone. Is your height in your legs or main trunk? i.e. is your seated height likely to be much more than mine at 5 ft 9 inches?

Which reminds me; why do tall people have long legs?

Answer: If they were any shorter they would not touch the ground.

Steve Gyles

Steve..many thanks for clear info...long legs is the answer...always having to swing the leg and skin the kneecap when changing gear..but cannot claim all my extra 5 inches compared to your fine self would be in my leg length other wise I would be competing against Usain Bolt!! So presuming equal distribution, my angled seat back (with blocks under the front of the seatframe ) plus my round shoulders I compute my head will be about 11/2 to 2in higher than yours.
On the other hand the air out here is a wee bit warmer and the extra bit of top end blow may be a relief.
So very keen to get one of the reduced height windscreens.. I could not find on the Bob West website so have emailed for bumf. I understand another company called Anglo Parts and based in Belgium also sells a version with glass...any advice.
and luckily both my feet touch the ground when I stand up as well! I am truly blessed.
Neil Ferguson

Quote 'For my own part I learnt a few good engineering tips from them both. We also chatted about you lot!!!

So that's why our ears were burning!

Seasons Greetings to you all

John Bray


Previous Oz guys have said that plastic screens are illegal in Australia. You may want to check it out.

The screen kit is expensive. You may want to check out the economies of it all. If I was doing it again I would buy the Le Mans stanchions from Bob (more swept than the standard stanchion). But I would probably hunt around for an old frame to modify and perhaps look at making my own perspex screen. I may well do that any way for a 7" screen as a project this year.

Glad the feet touch the ground. Proves the theory.

John, we were quite complimentary in our chat about the expertise on this BBS. No need for burning ears!

Steve Gyles

You all should know that legs are the key on height. I would say that my legs (my height 5'6") are ideal length. If my legs were longer, I'd have to walk in a ditch, and if they were shorter, I'd have to wear stilts.
Mike Parker

Mike...recommend the stilts very strongly.....
I have always thought that the good thing about height was that it kept your feet a long way away from your nethers as there are horrible diseases, fungi and beasties lurking at ground level ..and occasionally they make it onto the hooves. You need a long distance to make it difficult for them to slither up to nest in the important parts of the bod .....
The ONLY problem with long legs I am aware of is when you get in a car designed for those with their bums closer to the ground ( MGA and another beauty, the Alfa GTV of the 60s..I owned one from new and nearly had to get out the window to change gear..but what a lovely car design. I am looking for a good one to restore. Mine was rusting within 3 months. ).
Neil Ferguson

Well Neil, I do understand that the design of the nose and the rear end seem to be very well thought out. I can also understand your feelings regarding beasties, etc.
Mike Parker

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