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My A is very tidy on the outside but the underside of the front and rear guard (fender) - splash plates are badly stone chipped. I would like to repaint these. What do people think is best? (Aggresive driving on dirt roads and at dirt motorkhanas doesn't help)!

Mike Ellsmore


Hammerite do a spray-on stone chip shield that stays rubbery so it cushions the impacts better. You use it like an undercoat and then put body colour on top.

In suggesting this, I admit I have not used it, only read about it, so someone out there might be able to report back on actual experience.

Malcolm Eades

Mike, some here in the US have been using truck bed liner underneath the car. This stuff comes in different colors, should have a red that doesn't clash with the color of your car and it is almost indestructable. I'd suggest looking into the different products available down under such as Rhino Lining and see what they can do for you.
B Young

I live on a dirt road so I made up some front fender liners from fiberglass. Hopefully this will prevent stones from dinging the fenders from the inside. I used POR15 on my splash plates - so far so good.


Fender Liner installed. (Sorry I couldn't figure out how to post 2 pictures at once.)



When I resprayed my TF guards I used an aerosol stoneguard on the 'target' areas before the paint. Worked well. K&N was the brand.

Matthew Magilton

A good brand of stoneguard should give full protection to the splash plates. That's why they call it stoneguard. I used 'WURTH' stoneguard on mine, just sprayed on two thick coats and spray painted with body coloured paint on top.

F Camilleri

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