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MG MGA - Bending New Brake and Fuel lines

During the restore of my 56A I re did all the Hyd and Fuel Lines. I used Nickle/copper lines, and all new fittings. I used a Bubble flare tools to flare all the lines. When using this tool I applied a little silicone grease to the Flaring tool to prevent the Line from twisting as it was being flared. The hardest part was creating the bends. But I finally figured out the best way to do it. I would start by flaring one end with one of the fittings. I always picked the end with the sharpest bends. Then I would use a pair of Brake line pliers to start to form the bend. As the bend was achieved i would use a zip tie to secure the new line along side the old one. Once the sharpe bends were made the rest can be bent carefully by hand. The zip ties are applies about every one to two inches. You continue this process until almost done. When near the end you have to estimate how much longer the line needs to be before making any bends in it. Then cut the line put on the new fitting and then Flare the end. After the flare is done then continue to bend or form the remaining length of the line. Every Line came out Perfect. The same goes for the fuel lines except the ends are soldered on. Attached are a few pics. Hope this helps.

Ron Bissland

Brake Lines

Ron Bissland

Close up of Brake line

Ron Bissland

Line Attached to fuel pump

Ron Bissland

Brilliant and simple; would've saved me a lot of grief if I'd thought of that when I did mine.
Rick deOlazarra

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