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MG MGA - Best Clutch set up for HI-GEAR 5 Speed?

A bare slate-
I am about to order a HI-GEAR 5 speed conversion, and am wanting advice as to the best clutch etc to order as part of the overall upgrade and conversion. I wasn't really aware that there were options for my 1600 , and any advice from other convertees is sought.

And thanks

KMark...I was not aware there were any options re clutch. ....just gearbox. I got the standard ( also cheapest ) latter and whole kit was complete and easy. I finished recently and if you wish to chat give me a call on 0413014297
Neil Ferguson

I thought the Hi-gear, like the Bob West kit came with a cluth kit. Mine has a standard Ford Sierra clutch. The gearboxes can be specified for different ratios and close / standard.
Kind regards,
Grant :-)
G Hudson

I use an MGB clutch housing and MGB clutch plate (GCP116). Good smooth operation with none of the MGA harshness. Admittedly I am also running the 1800 engine, so not sure if the MGB housing fits the 1600 flywheel.

Steve Gyles

The kit comes with the driven plate (to match the spline)

You specify MGA or MGB clutch so they supply the right release arm mounting. They can also provide a new release arm for MGB clutch as it is so popular on the MGA installation (hey, why not!)

You normally supply the clutch pressure plate and release bearing and I would assume that they would be replaced at this time, so you choose MGA or MGB, but remember you will have to drill another dowel hole in the flywheel to fit the MGB plate.

Hope that makes sense
Neil McGurk

This thread was discussed on 13/05/2010

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