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MG MGA - Best location (installation) for 12v power outlet?

What is the best location for a 12v power outlet (behind the seat back, under the dash, hinged, etc) for access and safety to power a Sat Nav, charge a mobile (cell) phone, laptop, etc? Also what is the recommended way to wire and fuse the outlet for negative earth cars. Photos of installations much appreciated.
Mike Ellsmore

I like it in the plywood behind passenger seat back. it's easy to get to from the drivers seat and it's hidden. Position it so the seat can go all the way back. I still have pos ground so the ply wood was usefull to isolate the outlet and the battery is right there for your connections. Don't forget to fuse the outlet.
Charles O'Brien

Sorry i tried to edit my remark. In a negative ground car you only need to fuse the positive (+) of the outlet, the negative (-) can go to chassis ground or the the negative battery terminal. In a postive ground the outlet must be isolated and the Postive power and negative "ground" taken right to the battery. In this case the negative must be fused as it is "hot" in relation to the grounding of the car.
Charles O'Brien

I mounted a wooden plinth between 2 of the dashboard stays underneath the radio.

I have have a direct feed from my radio to the battery so that the radio electronic memory is retained (obviously non-period!) and I use the same feed to my socket. This allows me to keep a charge going to the sat nav/mobile even when the ignition is off. It also bypasses my master electrics isolator.

The toggle switch is for my "non period" electric windscreen wash.


Steve Gyles


Where have you mounted your master battery isolator. I'm thinking about the best place to put one on the ply behind the seats to avoid bumping the seat on the switch.

John Francis

I put the outlet behind the RH seat wired and fused to the battery. I mounted the battery isolator behind the other seat.


Jim Ferguson


I have an unusual arrangement. I run 2 x 12 volt batteries, wired in parallel, with a master isolator on each, mounted either side of the tunnel on the wooden backboard. I also have my battery charger socket located alongside.

I only ever run one battery at a time (one live, one isolated). I rotate their use periodically. Occasionally in mid winter I switch both on to start from icy cold - gives the starter a healthy spin.

Steve Gyles

My dash has a hole drilled in it for the 12V outlet (used to be called a cigarette lighter...) next to the radio. I was going to fill it in, but then decided that I really need a 12VDC outlet for my GPS, iPod, might as well go with it.

A LOT of MGA's have this hole drilled from new by the dealer, I am guessing, so it's "period" to have an extra hole in your dash.

AJ Mail

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