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MG MGA - Billet fuel pumps.

After the second failure of my SU fuel pump in two months due to point pitting I am looking to replace it with a Billet type electronic one. Can I buy a positive earth Billet pump? Is it possible to buy adapters to screw into the Billet pump and still retain the brass hose connectors?
I wish to retain the positive earth system as I run a positive earth Pertronic distributor. (I intend to rebuild the old pump to use as a back up) Does anyone know what the value of the capacitor in the SU pump should be?
Dave Barron

Dave - I would discourage the use of a points style SU pump as a backup pump. The problem you will find is that after it has been dormant for a long period of time, the points will have filmed over and the pump won't work when you need it. I am not familiar with the Billet pump, but if it is an electronic pump, it would be a better backup pump as there is no points in it, so it can sit for many years and still know that it will work when it is needed.

As for the capacitor used in the SU fuel pumps, I believe that it is a 0.35 microfarad, but a better component for arc suppression is a TVS diode (also called a Transil diode), P/N P6KE27CA. This particular transil is dual polarity, so there is no worry about which way it is installed. Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Sorry Dave I should have said Facet not Billet. Note what you say about SU pumps as backups. Wouldn't a smear of dielectric grease on the contacts before storage prevent a build up of film?
Dave Barron

This thread was discussed on 25/05/2016

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