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MG MGA - black paint for frame/heaterbox etc

Anybody know the correct paint color for the black bits - frame, heater box etc. is there is specific paint code or is it generic gloss or semi-gloss black?
rick pleczko

Original was simple and common chassis black, which is best described as satin black, which is a tad duller than semi-gloss black. If you see one with the correct color sitting along side of one done in gloss black, it almost makes you ashamed to be original. For some odd and unknowable reason concours judges never seem to deduct points for painting chassis parts gloss black. Go figure, but such is life.
Barney Gaylord

I used Rustoleum Satin Black item #7777 on my TD Chassis and parts. For small applications I used the aerosol can, and for larger, I bought a quart and cut it with 10% Acetone and sprayed it with my compressor and paint gun.

I'm in the gloss black looks stupid camp, and consider satin the ideal finish.

Dave Braun

I've brushed gloss black Rustoleum, two coats, on all my MGA and TD chassi parts. Done properly, it's extremely long lasting and it does lose it's luster after a time. Marvin
Marvin Stuart

Thanks gents, feedback appreciated
rick pleczko

Useful information for me as I am just doing an engine bay clean-up while the engine is out for a bit of TLC.

Does anyone spray the radiator honeycomb? It tends to get a bit weathered and stained with the passage of time. I am conscious that I do not want to restrict air flow, so I am contemplating a 'flash over' with a matt or satin aerosol. Any thoughts/advice?

Steve Gyles


The radiator doesn't get very hot, so it requires only normal paint. You are correct to be concerned about overdoing it, paint is an insulator. I found that after cleaning my radiator fins and straightening them with a small screwdriver (Eastwood sells a tool for this, but the small screwdriver worked fine for me) I sprayed the whole shabang with a very light coat of flat black enamel. It goes on thin, doesn't have a lot of build and dries fast. I have absolutely no problems with over heating. I hope this helps,

Dave Braun

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