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MG MGA - bleeders

Is there some kind of hone for bleeder holes?
Fred H

Could you clarify please? Are we talking about the threaded holes for brake bleeders? If so, I imagine you'd be talking about a tap. Is this what you're asking about? Or perhaps you are looking to repair the seat at the bottom of the hole? OK, enough guesses. What do you want to know?

Steve Trovato

the seat
Fred H

I guess you're a man of few words, Fred. I think I know what you want now. Unfortunately, I don't know the answer. Is this something you're looking to do in the car, or on the bench as part of a rebuild?
Steve Trovato

Fred, I've never heard of such a tool. I suppose that you could make one fairly easily, just have a drill bit of the correct size ground to the angle necessary and then turn it by hand to lap the seat clear of any pits. For the most part I think that it's just easier to replace the caliper, cylinder, or slave than clean up a bad bleeder seat, but if you are working with something like the Dunlop brakes on a DeLuxe or TwinCam then it might well be worth the effort.
Bill Young

Suppose you took a bleeder and ground off the threads. Could you use it with some valve grinding compound as a tool to lap the seats? You could always attach the bleeder to something to make more of a handle. Maybe a piece of hose? I imagine you could even chuck it into a drill. I have never tried this, so I have no idea if it would really work.
Steve Trovato

I had a similar problem years ago on my '73 Ford Pinto. I broke off the bleeder and the seating face was destroyed in the process of drilling out the broken part. I can't remember exactly what the solution was, but I think I just added a thin rubber or aluminum disk internally and carefully tightened the bleeder down.

I don't recommend this for anybody else's car. It worked for several years before it was trashed by a cement truck!
Chuck Schaefer

There is a repair kit avaliable at any good parts store. you will have to drill out old threads tap and thread in the adaptor in the kit which has the new bleeder in it. I can't remember the name of the manufacture but have seen them in the auto parts help section. I have used one on my A to correct a damaged seat and has worked fine for years.
Charles O'Brien

Thanks Guys. I was just asking in case there's a tool out there that I've never seen.

I've tried the drill bit trick and the bleeder with the threads ground off. I'm surprised that more haven't experienced pitted bleeder seats. I've got 1600 calipers on the front now. I've finally got the system sealed....I think. I've had a stick pressing on the brake pedal for about 4 hours with no more leaks.

Next time I'll do the same as my other MGA and put in a dual system with MGB brakes, hubs, calipers etc on the ft.

Fred H

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