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MG MGA - Bleeding brakes

Hi All
Got to bleed brakes and clutch for the final part of rebuild. Any ideas whether it is better to bleed clutch or brakes first and whether there are any good tips to ease job. Everything has been replaced and I am using silicone fluid.
Thanks Brian
Brian Paddon


I would not have thought the order would make much difference.

Are you planning on an Eezi Bleed system?

Steve Gyles

Hi Steve
I do not have an Eezi-bleed system, but I have a Visibleed tube, which I was going to use. In the distant past I used clear tubing and a jam jar!
Brian Paddon

I highly recommend you reverse bleed the clutch. I was completely unable to get the air out of the line using the conventional pump-the-pedal method.

I was able to do it with a large syringe, but an Eezi-bleed would have done the job nicely. Not familiar with Visibleed though.
Larry Wheeler

Hi Brian,
When bleeding the brakes start with the one furthest from the master cylinder, rear nearside then end up with the front offside.
As the other guys said the clutch is notoriously hard to bleed as the hydraulic line is a much bigger diameter. It may help to crack the bleed nipple with bleed pipe attached and let gravity do the work for you to fill the system.

And don't forget to fully depress the brake or clutch pedal and hold it fully down before you tighten the bleed nipple.

AR Terry

One more thing Brian, I had a terrible job bleeding them from scratch. I called in a mechanic friend to help and between us we did it with a clear tube and a container.

One important thing to note is that the person sitting in the car doing the foot up/foot down routine should really stamp on the pedal when doing the foot down bit.

I had tried unsuccessfully to do this with my daughter and I think it was because we were not really forcing the fluid through with any real force.

Foot down = foot stamp

Good luck - its a great feeling when you finally get pressure on both pedals
A Stojanovic

Like Larry (above) says "I highly recommend you reverse bleed the clutch."

I have found it is best to fill the slave cylinder and the clutch pipe by gravity, then connect everything up and pump by foot.

Barry Gannon

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