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MG MGA - Block heights

Hi all.
Is there a fitted height difference between 1600 and 1800 blocks?
I am waiting for my 1800 engine and wondered if I could fabricate the tubular exhaust manifold using the 1600 engine. I have a 1800 tubalar manifold that does not fit , but a cut and slight lengthening of the down pipes should sort the problem out.
Thanks for any help.
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Hi Simon

I've just measured a couple of 1800s at 12 & 5/16" from the underside of the sump flange face to the top of the block.
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks Dave. I will let you know what I find tomorrow.
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MGA and MGB blocks and heads have all the same exterior dimensions for the mating surfaces. Starter positions are variable in the rear plate.
Barney Gaylord

Again many thanks Barry.Where would we be without your knowledge and commitment to the A.
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This thread was discussed on 24/11/2016

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