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MG MGA - Bob West

The MGCC MGA Register recently circulated a note that Bob West is scaling back his business to spend more time with his family.

James, his mechanic and rebuilder, has left the business and joined up in partnership with the guy who did all Bob's bodywork and painting. They are now expanding to fulfil the rebuilding capability left by Bob. I am guessing that Bob will continue to be a parts supplier.

Steve Gyles

Just to verify what the MGCC were reporting Bob's position, I spoke with him today to confirm the MGCC were correct.

He informed me that whilst he is no longer carrying out major rebuilds, he is continuing with all other aspects of his business as usual.

If in any doubt I would suggest those wishing to use his outstanding expertise should give him a call.

John Follett

James Horner is continuing to carry out some outstanding MGA restorations at his new base Common Lane Body Repairs in Knottingley W.Yorks.
I have attached a pic of my car having some engine work done by James recently
They have just finished the Rivers Fletcher car PRX 14 and it is amazing.

They have a few cars in being restored and so it looks like there is a waiting list. Looking at the finished article, I can see why!😊

Colyn Firth


What type of wheels do you have?
They look like mga twin cam but in the image the holes appear to be rectangular rather than circular.
Is your car a Twin Cam?

M F Anderson

They are the Race-mettle alloy version of the twin-cam wheels Mick, 6" wide rims. They are actually bolt on wheels which have spinners on a centre boss to make them look like knock-ons.
I love the look of them too, (I have always been a closet twin-cam fan😊) and I love the way they fill the MGAS wheel arches.

Bit pricy though and I would probably look at minilites if I was looking to buy any alloy wheels.

I have had a 140 bhp 1950cc MGB enine fitted since last year which I love but I must be using the performance too much because I have just had a head-gasket blow.

We are meeting up with your fellow Aussies Gary and Anita Lock on Monday next after they complete their epic trek from Coast to Coast walk.
Colyn Firth


Lovely pic of your car, I remember washing your MGA at some stage on LeJog! Have you any pics of PRX14?

Great to hear that James is doing well.

Would you please pass my greetings to Gary and Anita and my regrets that we were unable to drive up to Queensland to see them.

I believe you are off to the Tyrol soon... have fun!


Doug Wallace

Great picture Doug, brings back some great memories of the LE JoG too.

You and Doug made a real good job of leathering down my car thanks, it wouldn't have been cleaned otherwise as I was too busy helping Chris get around after she broke her leg the day before the start.

I made those wireless intercom headsets up from a motorcycle helmet intercom kit which I grafted into a pair of those trendy headphones that the kids use nowadays and they work really well.
My car is really loud and the intercom has noise cancelling circuitry which supresses all the wind and engine noise but leaves the voice loud and clear.
(It also appears to suppress a few of my wife's specific voice commands including "Slow down!" and "Not so fast!"😁!"

They also pick up telephone calls, sat nav instructions, FM radio and MP3 music players.


(I will ask James for some pics of PRX 14 for you)
Colyn Firth

Steve/John/Colyn - Do you think Bob would still be doing 5 speed gearbox installations or would it be James now?
Cam Cunningham

Cam, I think that James is the most likely candidate now for fitting a 5-speed gearbox but you could check with Bob to see what he says.
Otherwise I would think that Hi-gear Engineering may be able to suggest someone to for this.

Colyn Firth

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