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MG MGA - Body going back on

I am just about to replace the body back onto the chassis of my 58 Roadster.

The engine is already mounted - what will I need to remove from the engine in order to wriggle the body back on (i/e Carbs etc ) or will the body just drop straight back over the whole engine in situ..?

A Stojanovic

Aleks, just done that.
Remove the air filters.
Rotate the starter switch 90 deg from its normal horizontal position or it will scrape the paint.
Disconnect battery for same reason as the starter switch is live.
I had not fitted the radiator so not sure if that interferes at all.
Get some help!
Art Pearse

The radiator attaches to the body, so you can't fit it before putting the body on.
dominic clancy

Of course, but he might have pre-installed it in the body!
Art Pearse

This thread was discussed on 08/04/2013

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