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MG MGA - Body Lifting


I am about to hoist my roadster body off the chassis. I've braced the door openings but now I need to find a place to attach the hoist. I have a piece of 100x20 cut to fit under the heater shelf but I am not sure if the bracing at the rear cockpit is strong enough for another 100x20x500 between the braces. I intend to join these two planks with a piece of 80x50 front to back and attach my hoist to that. Any thoughts?
p.s Sills are all new.

B Bridgens

The body is pretty light so you can lift by the door braces, no problem. I put the arms of a two post lift directly under the braces front and rear and that worked great. So what you suggest will be absolutely fine.

Or two people can lift by hand one at the front and one at the back. Guy at the back gets the short straw as he has to lift at each side (the rear valence is not strong enough-too flexible) which is less comfortable than the front.
N McGurk


Many thanks for the confidence boost. One always believes that the worst i going to happen, it is always belt and braces when you do it for the first time.

thanks again

B Bridgens


Much as Neil says as the human alternative.

I did it with 2 lifters. I am no mug. I supervised as the 3rd person, offering the occasional support as required.

Steve Gyles

I weighed my body with everything removed that could be removed at 196 lbs. Although this doesn't sound too much for a manual removal don't forget it has to be lifted rather high to clear the goalpost. Attach your hoist at the centre of gravity which is 6-9" towards the rear from the front of the cockpit...................Mike
m.j. moore

Hi Steve

I am going to have to this alone, so lifting with a hoist is my only option. I have the dolly constructed and ready. The idea was to lift it push the chassis out of the garage and push the dolly back in and lower the body onto it. That's the plan.

B Bridgens

Barry, here's my lift system for no help;
The frame is 2 lengths of 2 x 4 (inches) cross-braced at the car width and with a slider at the C.G to take the lift. the slider can be tapped fwd or back or L to R to get the balance point.
I used chains at the arch of each wheel well, through the fender fixing bolts.
The 4 point lift prevents much bending moment on the sills, which in my case were pretty well gone.
Use a chain fall, come-along or pulley system to do the lift.
I also now put wheels on the legs so I can move it around.

Art Pearse

Barry, if I remember correctly, the body will not lift straight off if the gas tank is still in place, you will have to tilt it a little for the tank filler neck to clear the boot floor.

G Goeppner

I have used the system shown in the photos. It consists of a 2x8(38x184)spine lag bolted up into 2-2x4(38x89) that are through bolted to the firewall and rear wall. Lifting was with two cable hoists attached to eyebolts in the plank spline. The only reason for using two was to control the tipping as I was always working alone. There was no need to brace the tops of the doors, which meant the spine could stay in place and there was easy access through the door openings.

John DeWolf

That's neat John.
Also gives more headroom for the hoist.
Art Pearse


Its much more fun to have a lifting party if you can get one. You can all celebrate with a bottle of good French wine. As Steve says you can supervise and it really isn't heavy.
John Francis


Thanks everyone for your helpful comments. Tomorrow is the day. I am saving my favours with my neighbours for the day I put the body back on and as John suggests a little vin rouge as a carrot.


B Bridgens


Body is in one side of the garage and the rolling chassis in the other side. No problems.So engine out, chassis sandblasted and painted, other bits powdercoated and then try and find all the bits to put it back together again.

thanks all for the moral support.

B Bridgens

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