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MG MGA - Body on at last

After 6 months of assembling the chassis & waiting for the paint shop, the body was finally mated to the chassis last weekend.

One more milestone reached in this long term project.


Chris Bond

Looks good Chris! Appears to be a few "non standard" modifications to your project....?

George G.

Chris, What purpose are the holes in the side panel? That looks like a huge air cleaner -- is there a V8 underneath????

BM Gannon

Hi Chris looking good. I live in Herefordshire, can you tell me who you used for the paint please and if you were pleased. Thanks Paul
Im in Bromyard if your close?
p anderton

Yes, one or two non standard parts have found there way into my project, including one of Aunties (Rover) finest, in the form of a 3.5 litre V8.

Hopefully she'll surprise a few Healeys, when finished!

Barry, The holes in the inner closing panels are to vent the hot air out of the engine bay (along with bonnet louvres).

Paul, I used a local backstreet paint shop which I'd heard good things about but while they have done a very good job on the prep and the exterior finish, the rest (bits you dont see) had been ignored. so cant really recommend as a restoration paint shop.
Bromyard is not to far away from me, I'm in Droitwich.

Chris Bond

You could speak to Tony Williams Body Shop in Malvern, tel 01684560106. Keith is apparently the best painter there.
Nigel Munford

Thanks Nigel, I'm not desperate but there are a few under bonnet bits I would like looked at.
p anderton

They have a website,

If it's mechanical bits under the bonnet, you need Richard Mason, at Top Garage, Bromyard.
Nigel Munford

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