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MG MGA - Bolt head size

Be really grateful if someone could tell me where I might find out the size of the head of the bolts for the mounting plate holding the distributor to the engine block. And also size of the head of adjusting bolt on distributor.
Steve Gyles on this site, cleverly guessed that my clamp had been put on upside down which makes it almost impossible to reach the bolt to adjust timing, so I want to swing it round. The problem is I can't get a socket or normal spanner on the blasted bolts but should be able to do so with a flex-head spanner, so need to know which size to buy. I can't seem to find a set of imperial spanners for sale, just individually.
Incidentally, the vernier adjustment doesn't move very easily either, should this be oiled?
Many thanks
Graham M V

Plate to block are 7/16" (1/4UNF bolts). Clamp bolt is 3/16W-1/4BSF, a slightly sloppy 7/16" will fit.

FR Millmore

Graham and others

The MGCC MGA Register has an interesting MGA Technical Manual that includes the sizes of almost all MGA bolts, setscrews, nuts and washers. I have the hard copy but I notice that they have now put it all on CD. The CD also contains a restoration guide. I have not read it so cannot vouch for its content:

Steve Gyles

Look here

There's a PDF on fastener sizes that you can cross reference with the parts list available here
dominic clancy

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