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MG MGA - bonnet hinge bolts

Hi there
The bonnet hinges have three holes for mounting. They are easy to see on the bonnet, but on the body is diferent story. I am able to put only two screw in, the third one in the centre/front of the hinge does not go in. Is there screw? it looks that it will go into the "gutter" in front of the wind screen. I do not like to force it. Can somebody have a look and let me know? if the screw is there.

m zazvorka

I took a look at mine & see that the 2 rear bolts screw in upwards and the remaining front bolt screws in downward with the head of the bolt visible there when you look into the gutter from above.
L.R. deOlazarra

thank you. That is interesting, I have no holes in gutter, so somebody drill yours, or closed mine.

Martin, My car is original and the hinges never touched.
The two rear bolts are entered from below and point upwards, they screw into captive nuts and have a plain washer and a spring washer.
The one forward bolt is drilled through the channel, enters from above, points down, and has a plain and a spring washer held by a nut from below (inside the engine bay).
I hope this helps, Barry
Barry Gannon

Gday The hinges on our MGAs are as Barry describes. Bob


Thank you all for your input. My gutter holes are closed and since they are like it for few years I will just leave them as they are.


Hi Martin
The bonnet hinges are as Barry described,I personaly would locate the third hole and drill it from underneath, if you place a mirror under the bonnet gutter you should see the original hole in the hinge,a right angle drill might help.
If you leave it and your hinge were get tight it would put a strain on the back 2 bolts,after all if the manufacturer thought 2 bolts would suffice they would not have put 3 in it.
A D Hitchcock

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