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MG MGA - Bonnet Insulation

In disassembling my 1960, I noticed it had a nicely installed 1/2" layer of fiberglass insulation between the steel x-member and the aluminum hood. The problem was that after 20 years in a barn, the mice had torn about half out to insulate their homes. As I am beginning to work on this, it now looks like it was "glued in" making it a mess to get out. I've looked at pictures of other MGAa and have never seen this insulation. I bought the car in NC, but I suspect it was from colder and saltier climates based on it's extensive rust and undercoating.
My question is, was this type of hood insulation ever an option back in the day or did some previous owner just install it to get the car to warm up quicker? Thanks
Joe Holtslag

I think it would have been an aftermarket option as an attempt to reduce noise levels.

My car gets to normal operating temperature after about 5 minutes driving and in fact my bonnet (hood) has had two rows of louvres made in it to help reduce the under bonnet temperature.

So I wouldnt bother to replace it if I were you.

The small felt pad that seals the space between the radiator header tank and the bonnets underside is worth fitting to help cool the engine but unless you drive in the arctic circle in the winter, you dont need any under-bonnet insulation.

Colyn Firth

This thread was discussed on 27/05/2012

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