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MG MGA - boot lid

I don't see anywhere for the boot lid gutter to drain. Mine shows rust here (black sort). Has anyone engineered a drain tube from the bottom edge, draining out thru the back of the floor? It's only a few inches of tube and would not affect luggage space.
Art Pearse

I have never seen anyone do it, but it should be fairly simple if you want to. You would want to install two drain ports, one at each end of the lower gutter, as the gutter is slightly crowned with the body shape, and the car is not always parked level. It would be tough to drain regardless, as the seal pretty much fills the gutter so water cannot drain laterally along the length of the gutter.

Much depends on the quality of your paint job. Since first restoration and getting my MGA on the road in late 1986, I have driven it 247,000 miles in all sorts of weather including driving rain and wet snow (and it gets washed on rare occasion). There is never a trace of rust in that area on my car (although it does get repainted every 10 or 12 years). When I am at home the car is garaged and is allowed to dry out.
Barney Gaylord

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