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MG MGA - boot to clutch lever fork

Having trouble putting a new rubber boot (22H1337) over the end of the clutch lever. The neck of the boot is circular and quite a lot smaller than the size needed to go over the split ends of the fork. The circular end is smaller and not the same shape as the original. This part number is also used for the MGB. Has anyone else come up against this problem? With thanks.
J H Cole

Just leave it off, I have never seen any ill effects from not using it, and it is a bi*ch to fit
Dominic Clancy

Use a few drops of light oil and push really hard! Failing that cut a little off the end.
Barry Gannon

An elastrator makes it easy work. Worth chasing one for the other tight grommets on the car as well.

Mark Wellard

Whats an elastrator Mark? Cutting a bit off the neck was my default solution Barry. Thanks
J H Cole

No experience of fitting this part but the classic way of doing similar tasks on bikes is to use washing up liquid as a lubricant. Works superbly and has advantage that it washes off easily.

Paul Dean

I have used detergent with neutral ph. Does not damage the rubber and dries. The oil remains and deteriorates the rubber.
Gabriel Martínez

I made this from the top of an old broom handle. The leg fits in between the fork & protects & aids the sliding on of the new rubber boot.

Use hellermann’s oil as a lubricant.


R A Evans

Classic example of putting a square peg in a round hole. Change to a round peg. Grind the four sharp corners off of the clevis end first, and it will make life easier for years to come. Then spit on the rubber piece, or dab a little dish washing detergent and water to make it slippery.

see ebay for elastrators:

Mark Wellard

Mark, those things make my eyes water!!
Gary Lock

Did you buy the one that comes with all of the pairs of scissors! Wondering how you ever came across this tool.

JL Cheatham

I reckon the elastrator was invented by the Kiwis given their intimate knowledge of sheep, they have even come up with unique mouse and rat trap on similar lines.
Mike Ellsmore

Thanks for the ideas, I've already cut some of the rubber neck off but it's still difficult to get on but I'll try washing up liquid with a judicious bit of grinding as per Barney's suggetion.
J H Cole

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