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MG MGA - Boot (trunk) catch

The catch on my boot (trunk) doesnt seem to catch! It opens fine when I pull the lever, but when I close it, it doesnt "click" closed as the catch hasn't engaged. Everything looks Ok so was wondering if anyone has any ideas? Thanks.

Hi Graham
I find my boot needs quite a slam to engage the catch ?
P D Camp

Hello graham, I had the same problem and found that the catch on the boot lid had dveloped a little play, I found that just replacing the old worn bolts sorted the problem, you can also tweek the catch at the boot opening a little with a bit of a tug, Vin
V Rafter

Graham, like Vin says, you can adjust the catch on the bootlid. I had a problem where there was not enough spring in the boot seal to "pop" the boot when I pulled the handle, so I had to pull the handle and lift the boot at the same time or it would relock when I released the handle.

You have to pack and/or cut the seal to get both a flush fit and enough "spring" to open. The replacement seals (Moss, Bob West etc.) are too thick and have to be cut to get the bootlid flush. The catch then needs to be adjusted so that it will close without slamming too hard (or denting the bootlid, ask me how I know) and will spring up when the handle is pulled.

Neil McGurk

I bought a seal off eBay; can't remember who from, but it gave the same symptoms that Neil had, i.e. pull the handle and lift the lid at the same time. I replaced it with a Moss one which was just fine.
The catch on the lid has the usual slotted holes for adjustment, mine slides from side to side, so make sure it lines up properly with the bolt on the body. Do make sure that the boot release lever and rods are secure, check the condition of all the split pins and the bolt securing the bell crank. If they should fail or drop off, the only way into your boot will by cutter; unless you have left your spare wheel out or unfastened!
Lindsay Sampford

Thanks for the comments, I will have a play around with it over the next few days and see what happens!

(Hi Paul, hope the wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks went well. The Croxley classic day is Wednesday next week. email me if you want details)

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