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MG MGA - Borg & Beck

I put this on the MGB board in a discussion, but you might want to take a look, great old ads!

It seems that Borg & Beck again exists as a stand alone company, sold in the UK at least by Firstline. Early history here, but it says nothing about what happened in recent years. I know it got mixed up in the Delphi debacle, which fell apart 2005/6.

They even have old timey packaging & logos!
Note the webpage copyright: 2011 Borg and Beck.

Be sure to check out:

Which has wonderful period ads. An especially good MGA one, Prince Bira in a Maserati at Brooklands, a Riley 1.5, and an MGB

Does anybody know how to pull images out of the stupid "Flash" thing?

FR Millmore

You can extract images from "Flash" by waiting until the required picture appears and then press the "print screen" key on your keyboard.
This copies the image so that it can be pasted into an image program such as Microsoft "Paint".
See image attached.

I think that the 0-100 MPH in 30 seconds a bit optimistic.
You might do it in a mga twin cam with the optional 4.55 rear end.

I notice that they have concentric slave cylinders. We have used them on our racing Triumphs for years. They operate really well and get rid of the antiquated forked lever system.


M F Anderson

Mick -
Thanks for that tip!
I had the same feeling about the speed, especially since it is not a TC shown. And they even admit responsibility for the manumatic at the bottom!

FR Millmore

The advertisement you attached, whilst having a picture of a pushrod MGA does say MGA Twin Cam in fine print.
Garry Kemm

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