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MG MGA - Boring topic

I notice that the standard bore for the Mk2 engine is exactly 3 inches. This would imply to me that the designer's intention was for this to be the standard capacity for the B series (round number theory). Instead, the 1500 and 1600 come along first and the Mk2 1622 last!
A Pearse

I thought the whole reason for the 1600 was the Twin Cam, which is really 1588,so it would fit into certain race classes.
gary starr

I believe there was also a 1200 version early on in some saloons and agricultural equipment, but I like the Round Number Theory! However I've replaced my 1588 with an 1800...

k v morton

The 1500, Twin Cam, and 1600 were all to fit the race regulations of their respective times. By the time MG went to 1622 it was obvious that the MGA was not going to be competitive in international competition.

M F Anderson

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