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MG MGA - Bouncy new rear springs

I've just installed brand new rear springs and new rear shocks to my 60 Coupe because the drivers's side was sagging a little. The ride height is now 1" higher than before and the ride seems bouncy. Has anyone else experienced a bouncy ride with new springs?

Thanks Andy
Andy Preston

Sounds like the shocks are not doing their job. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Worn springs have less movement for bounce... New springs with refurbished shockies should give you a ride of a life time... Enjoy.
David Godwin

Andy, there are some suppliers selling the wrong arched leaf springs. There have been several people complain about the 1" difference in ride height. I wish I could tell you there is a good way to solve this without buying a different set. Maybe someone else might have a suggestion. I've heard scarbourgh faire has the correct ones, I bought mine from Victoria British and they were the correct ride height BUT I seem to remember someone had bought a set from Vitoria and they were 1" to tall. Maybe I got lucky. If you still have your old leafs you might try having them rebuilt. Most major cities have companies that specialize in rebuilding leafs. Might want to check the yellow pages (look under trucks as well as the auto section). Hope this helps....Norm
J Dick

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