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MG MGA - BP15 vs. 15 GD horsepower dif

The horsepower for the BP15 engine is stated @ 68/5200 and the 15GD is 72/5500. Is this difference due just to the increase in RPM or were there any other changes when the BP block designation was changed that account for this?
GD Glenn

It is a minor flow difference bewteen the very early heads and later heads.
Bill Spohn

Does that mean that you can increase the HP of a BP15 engine to 72hp if a later head is installed?

G Goeppner

Bill Spohn

Thanks Bill. After reading what you posted, I went to the factories Special Tuning publication and on pages 16 & 17 it discribes and shows the changes to be made in the earlier heads to achive the increase. It also gives the numbers for when the changes were made.
GD Glenn

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