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MG MGA - Brake abutment brake

Hey folks, during the removal of the rear brakes assemblys a stud snapped off on the left rear brake shou abutment. (Moss 180-160) It appaears that th eabutment is aluminum and the stud is steel. If I heat the entire piece will the stud come loose easier?
Thanks, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Probably not. It issue is galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals that effectively welds the steel stud to the aluminum part. After as little as a few months in service such things can not be disassembled. Anti-seize compound in the threads can help, but only if applied during original assembly.

I haven't looked at one of these recently, but the stud may not even have base threads, possibly being cast in place so it nay not have been removable when new.
Barney Gaylord

This thread was discussed on 20/09/2009

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