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MG MGA - Brake bleeding issue

Hi I just replaced the brake light switch on my 1958 A with a Ron Francis switch which is supposed to be better. Anyway, I lost an ounce or so of fluid when I did the switch so I proceeded to bleed the brakes with my Mighty Vac bleeder. I started with the right rear but even with 10-12 cycles with the vaccume I still got mostly air so I went to the front and had no problem there. I then went to the left rear but when I loosened the bleeder I got no fluid and no vaccume as if the cylinder was froze. My brakes worked fine before the switch went but could it be possible that I was only using the front brakes and that I have a bad cylinder?

Dennis Rogers

Try the conventional method of pumping the pedal with the bleed screw loosened. You normally need an assistant, but it can be done by attaching a hose to the bleed screw and putting it in a container that has brake fluid. You should be able to get fluid to flow. I don't think it's likely that replacing a brake swith would cause this. The car will stop pretty well on front brakes only, but, unless there is a restriction in the brake line you should get fluid out even if the wheel cylinder is bad. Normally, a bad cylinder will leak fluid, not be plugged. Did you remove the bleed screw to see if it is plugged? A Might Vac works pretty well but may not clear a plugged bleed screw. If you have access to an EZ Bleed, give it a try.

Good luck.
G T Foster

This thread was discussed on 24/08/2008

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