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MG MGA - Brake bleeding problems solved

MG Genetics is pleased to announce the release of our genetically modified medical leeches ( Hirudo medicinalis) that feed on brake fluid, not blood.

Attach one of these beauties at each bleeding nipple, open the valves, then just sit back and suck on your favorite brew while our leeches bleed your brakes. The only thing you need to do is keep the master cylinder reservoir topped off.

One good feeding will keep the leeches happy for a year. You can repeat this process annually on the first of April and always have fresh fluid in your brake system.

Order the seven-pack if you have disk brakes and the five-pack if you have drums all 'round. The odd leech is to bleed the clutch slave cylinder.

To order, contact us at
S E Bryan

I used those! they did such a good job, I bought a few extra and put them on my tire tubes to change the air in them while I have my car in storage. The proper procedure is to bleed the tires first, then put Nitrogen in them.
Mike Parker

I know the leeches you mean - company called Looflirpa sells them .
Cam Cunningham

Do you know if they are going to develop the bigger variety of leech that will feed on my rear engine oil seal leak. i think it was called "driponicus driveicus"
c firth

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