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MG MGA - Brake Dust

Odd one. I have disc brakes on the front (MGB calipers). Everything working absolutely fine. Firm brake feel. Wheels spin freely. Brakes work very well and pull in a straight line. No squealing.

I was just mooching around the car and noticed that the driver's side (RHD) wheel is pretty clean, whereas the left hand wheel has a lot of (dry) brake dust.

Anything worth looking at? Pads are all the same make and fairly low mileage, perhaps 2,000 miles max.

Picture shows the relatively clean wheel on the left, dirty on the right. Perhaps not all that clear in the photo.


Steve Gyles

I wonder if the pads were mixed up with another type or batch when shipped from the factory or if possible somewhere else before you bought them ?
gary starr

During the recent service I had both front wheels off and took the opportunity to wipe the inside rim. And now you mention it, one was def muckier than the other and I think the dirty one was the passenger side. Didn't think about it at the time.
Wonder if it's the other way round in the Southern Hemisphere?
Graeme Williams

If your care brakes in a straight line with no pulling to one side, then the brakes must be ok Steve and I wouldnt worry.

I get a little less dust and much better braking with the Mintex 1144 pads than I got with Greenstuff pads.

Maybe your uneven dust deposits may be simply down to the way the air streams under the front of your car?

Colyn Firth

It would be interesting to swap the pads over from one side of the car to the other and see if the dust follows
If you've got nothing to do one day-----
William Revit

Wheels may have been painted from different batches of paint, or by different process. One may retain dust more easily than the other. Just a thought.

Jim Haskins 1953 TD
J M Haskins

Steve I reckon it could be road grime rather than brake dust as roads are dirtier closer to the kerb/ verge side. You'll notice mudguards are dusty on passenger side also.
Mike Ellsmore

Thanks for the thoughts everyone. I am about to do the major servicing so will have a good look in the process including bleeding the circuits. I am guessing that even a small bit of air in the 'clean' side brake line may have some small impact, indiscernible to routine driving, so always worth keeping on top of this sort of thing.

Steve Gyles


I'm not sure if you still have the car MOT'd

Although quote ['lBrakes work very well and pull in a straight line'] its possible that there is a slight brake imbalance which you have not noticed whilst driving which would be apparent on rollers..

I replaced the rear brake shoes when the MOT indicated a brake imbalance which I had not detected during driving.

John Bray

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