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MG MGA - brake hose distance piece?

The Workshop Manual states in Section M13 - "Note that a distance piece is fitted at the rear of the bracket securing the front hoses". What is the distance piece, I don't see anything in the Service Parts List?
G Goeppner

I guess you're running drum brakes on the front? I converted my 1500 Coupe to disc brakes over 35 years ago so I can't help you, but I see what you are saying. Surely someone knows the answer. The least I can do is keep this from "sliding" off the board!

G. Foster

They may be referring to the flat square plate with folded sides that would mount on the steel brake line. I have seen the drawings of this mounting but have never seen the actual piece. I THINK it mounts as such...with brake nipple...distance piece facing the mounting bracket....this assembly goes thru the bracket and then the star washer and locking nut are added. The rubber brake line attaches to this mounting.

Does this sound right to you? Gordon
Gordon Harrison

Gordon - that sequence is correct, but I think the plate you described is shown in the Moss catalog for the 1600 & MkII brake hoses. I believe the distance stated in the manual is not correct for the 1500. Thanks for giving it some thought!
Gerry - Yes, retaining the drum brakes for now. Conversion to disc, very cool, maybe some day.
G Goeppner

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