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MG MGA - brake hoses

I just realized I installed SS braded AN-4 hoses for my ft disc brakes.

Does anyone know of any ill effects of going from AN-3 steel brake lines to AN-4 hoses with a banjo fitting to the caliper.

I'm wondering if I'll lose pedal stiffness or if I'll have more brake pedal travel because of the larger hoses.
Fred H

Exactly where did you replace steel brake lines with braided hoses?
Larger diameter hoses will not affect brake travel. Brake travel is only related to the ratio of the diameters of the master cylinder piston and the caliper piston.
This is assuming that there is no stretch in the hose diameter under pressure. Any stretch under pressure will increase pedal travel.

M F Anderson

I'm not even going to reread what I wrote I'm so tired, but...Steel line goes from 4-way to the bracket welded near the top of the coil spring in the wheel well, then braided hose from the bracket to the caliper.

Fred H

Fred, I don't know nor have I ever heard of any problems with installing those brake hoses on the steel lines. I have used standard brake hoses with no problems. My opinion but check Barney's site or maybe he will comment.

Jim Ferguson

This thread was discussed on 13/09/2009

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