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MG MGA - Brake leaks rear bleed nipples

Hi people. I recently replaced the cylinders on my rear brakes, both sides, and I have had trouble with weeping bleed nipples ever since. I have replaced the right angle banjos, used 4 new bleed nipples and still they weep. The parts were bought from Moss Motors, Europe. Are the angles on the metal to metal seats all wrong? Anyone else had this problem with new parts? Gerry Gillard, Auckland, New Zealand.
GC Gillard

On my clutch, the nipple is loose when backed off. Wrapping the threads with Teflon plumbing tape solved the problem.

AJ Mail

Not keen to use tape because brake fluid is so corosive. For corrosive, read dissolves things like paint and rubber.
GC Gillard

Haven't had this, but nothing touches PTFE - I'd say do it. Are you sure you replaced or annealed the copper washers in the banjos?
P N Tipping

NEVER use teflon tape or any other sealant on a brake system.

If the threads are not correct (e.g. metric instead of imperial threads) then they could fail under hard braking and leave you with nothing in the way of brakes.

Find out the source of the problem and fix that, not the symptom.
dominic clancy

I agree with Dominic - the PTFE tape may be acceptable for clutch use but not in the brakes (although with the dual master on the MGA the clutch fluid could loose your brakes) . PTFE tape is designed for use in domestic heating systems where the pressure is much less than the car's braking system. I have never had weeping bleed nipples on a new cylinder ( although I have had problems on old rusty ones). if they are leaking when new then there is something wrong somewhere - as Dominic mentioned - maybe a mix of metric and imperial.
Cam Cunningham

Dont use PTFE on any of the hydraulic systems, yes good for home plumbing not for braking systems
S P Rossetto

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