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MG MGA - Brake light switch

The day after my MOT I noticed that my brake light switch had failed (hard press to operate). Apart from the convenient timing I had to fix it before This (Silverstone) weekend.

There is loads in the archives on this, so I won't repeat everything, but thanks to all the tips it went without a hitch. Removed the drivers (RH) toe board and used mole grips on the 4-way connector. My own contribution was a 4ft bar to lever against the mole grips to prevent them (and 4 way connector) from twisting while I undid the switch. I used two ratchet extensions with a U/J in the middle to get access past the steering column. Probably not needed on LHD.

I ordered a replacement switch, but to save time I tried a couple of original switches, one from a very rusty 1958 car that had the same failure, but then the switch from my '61 Arizona car, that worked a treat. Not bad for a 48 year old switch (good old Lucas, that's what I say).

Now for my not so glorious moment! Having put everything back together I was tidying away the tools. I had been using a 12v inspection lamp connected to the starter switch (hot connection) and a nearby bolt head for ground. As I disconnected the hot lead it shorted between the connector and the pull bar melting the starter cable where it earthed on the outer cable bracket. Yes, I know, pretty stupid.

So now the original starter cable from the '61 car was drafted and now also requires replacement. That follows the original clutch slave cylinder and original flasher relay. Soon I'll have no original bits left for the rebuild!

And finally, just to completely wind me up, this. I had last week fitted a new MG grille badge, after the thread repair failed on the old one and I wondered if I could reduce the big gap at the top (the repro is of course not the correct profile). As I gently pushed down on the badge while trying to tighten the nut a little more there was a horrible crunching noise. The corner of the badge had pressed through the chrome on the plinth making a lovely "blister".

Why are so many of the new repro parts so crap?
Neil McGurk

And I thought those sort of things only happened to me! You have my sympathy Neil, you are not alone.
Lindsay Sampford

This thread was discussed on 07/07/2009

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