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MG MGA - Brake Lights Switch

Does anyone have a foolproof method of holding the junction steady (without snapping brake pipes) while applying torque (the undoing sort) to the switch? It's such a long way down, and I've been racking my brains to think of an everyday household implement that will do the job - but without success.

Nick, I think almost all of us have been there!

Some ideas here!

I think it's John Cole's tip near the bottom I favour most.

Neil McGurk

Oh and if you are using a new repro. replacement switch, you might want to install a relay:
Neil McGurk

brakesears ago when I had that problem in one of my MGA
R Garcia

Nick - "Oh and if you are using a new repro. replacement switch, you might want to install a relay"

See the article, Brake Light Relay in the Other Tech Articles section of my web site at: for information on making and installing a relay/arc suppression circuit. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Thanks all. Of course, I should have looked in the archive: there's a lot on this topic, isn't there?


Oh yes, like I say, we've all been there!
Neil McGurk

I did it by having someone hold a pry bar against the junction to hold against the torque - the switch came unscrewed without breaking the junction.
J.A. Rapson

I use an adjustable spanner on one of the legs,
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

OK - got it off.

The crowbar wedged between the union and the seam on top of the chassis rail did it, plus waiting till I could find an assistant and the right 7/8" long socket.

Thanks for your help.

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