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MG MGA - brake line routing

I am restoring a 59 coupe. It had no complete brake lines
on it. Before I begin to guess how they went I thought I would try to find a pic or detailed info. I checked the mga guru but found nothing really helpful. I checked the archives but only found various partial discussions. If anyone has any pics or details it would be greatly appreciated.

Bud W
S.A. White

There's quite a good drawing of the general pipe routing in section M of the Service Parts List and for the detailed clipping of the brake pipe beneath the floorboards you can refer to Todd Clarke's Technical Guide...................................Mike
m.j. moore

Bud, I have recently taken a bunch of pictures of my freshly restored frame assembly (1959 coupe as well) before putting the body on for the last time (I hope). Let me see what I may have that could be of some help to you, but it may be a week or two before I get the chance to download to a CD for sending by email.

G Goeppner


ROUTING in engine BAY, Fuel, Hydraulic, Electric

Brake Pipe and HOSE ROUTING, Front

ROUTING Under Chassis, Fuel, Hydraulic, Electric

Engine OIL COOLER Installation, Original Style
Barney Gaylord

Thanks for the reply. A CD would be great.It seems that I overlooked some of the material from the guru. If you can download a CD for mailing you can notify me offline at
Bud W
S.A. White

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