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MG MGA - Brake Linings

Does anyone know where I can buy a set of brake linings (not brake shoes, just the lining material) plus the copper rivets. I'm looking for the modern non asbestos stuff. What I have at the moment is the old asbestos linings, and this material, besides being a health hazard, is way too hard making braking not very efficient. At least this is my theory as to why my brakes are very hard.

F Camilleri


They were not for the MG but I have bought pre-drilled linings and rivets from Fraser Hook who is very helpful and trades as Chelsea Frictions, 176c Conningham Road, London, W12 8BY. He attends quite a few UK shows and also stocks uncut lining material in various widths.

His email is supposed to be which I haven't tried but I have contacted him on his mobile number 07976 686353 but that was in 2005 so might be out of date.

Doing a quick search for Chelsea Frictions his number is given as an 0967 number, I've no idea what this code is for and can't find it listed, but in general any UK code starting 09 should be avoided as they can be expensive.

Malcolm Asquith

Hi Malcolm,

thanks very much for your info. I've found Chelsea Frictions site on the web, and now have all their contact details. At the moment I,m trying to source the linings on the local market and if I have no luck I'll be in contact with Frazer Hook via the net.

F Camilleri


Good Idea to re-line the old shoes you would not belive the trouble the modern bonded ones caused to me.

David swaine

Can't you get a local truck workshop to redo them for you?
dominic clancy

Thanks for your comments guys. Dominic I don'y know of any truck workshops around here.It's probably because Iv'e never had reason to look for them, but I'll ask around.

F Camilleri

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