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MG MGA - Brake Master Cylinder Dimensions

Would any of you MGA owners have a spare master cylinder available to provide some measurements I would like to have? I am searching for length, height, width, length just above the outlet ports and the distance between centers of the attachment bolt holes.
Many thanks for any information you might provide.
Jim Merz


These measurements were taken off a Lockheed MC trashed but original.

MC overall height taken at the rear mounting hole 3.25
Bottom to top corner of the casting for the rear outlet holes 1.833
Top down to top corner of the casting for the rear outlet holes 1.418
Width at rear mounting hole 2.375
Width of the casting for the outlet holes 2.029
Depth of rear outlet casting to the back wall of MC - .806
Centers between mounting holes - 3.425", probably 3 7/16

Measurements exclude the gasket that was still attached. Hope I got the right measurements, let me know if not.



Many thanks for all the dimenstion, John. Just what I needed for now. You have email.
Jim Merz

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