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MG MGA - Brake pipes

Happy New Year everyone.
I have a couple of questions re the front right brake pipe. MGA 1600.
I have the new Moss pipe and hose. The pic attached shows the parts as they have to join. Is this right? The small bubble flare does not seem right to mate the hose end.
Secondly, the Moss catalogue diagram shows the hose to the caliper being above the frame bracket, with the pipe leading to under the bracket. The old pipe I retained seems bent to fit above the bracket. Which is correct, hose up or hose down? I should mention that my car came with MGB front swivels and calipers and I've forgotten which way the hose was when I took it apart.

Art Pearse

Gday Art,attached pic shows before dismantling. Bob

B Walker

Hose on top for 1600. See here:

Barney Gaylord


The bubble flare will compress and seal in this configuration. For 1600ís the flex hose end needs to be secured to the frame tab with a lock plate (Moss 181-660) and a lock nut. For my 1500 I used washers to cover the oversized hole and snugged the hose end up with a lock nut. To make the 1500 tab work note that the brake line is on top and the hose at the bottom. This is reverse of the 1600 set up.




Another picture.



Ok, thanks again all. Hose on top for my 1600. I have just realised that the "old pipe" is in fact the one I made for the rear right! Must finish this car befor I get too senile to find first gear. I have the lock plates, although with the lock nut I don't understand their function.
Art Pearse

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