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MG MGA - Brake problems!

Just completing 58 roadster restoration. Filled and bled brakes and clutch but there is no resistance in brakes, pedal goes to the floor after repeated bleedings. All new cylinders and piping and MC piston is pumping and returning. This is the fourth MGA I have restored and this is the first I have had problems with. Do you think there is a problem with the brake MC piston seal or the valve on the back of the spring?

John Progess

Surprised that the clutch side is working that's usually much harder to bleed. Sounds like you are getting brake fluid out of the wheel cylinders. New MC?
David Werblow

Yes it is a new MC. I was able to bleed all the wheel cylinders ok but there just is no resistance in the brake pedal. I checked and the brake piston in the MC and it is returning ok. I was wondering if fluid in the MC was allowed to return around the piston seal of the valve was missing. Bummer!

John Progess

If new, I doubt that the m/c is the problem....Examine all of the brake-line connections from the m/c, to all the wheels....Sometimes air can bleed in, but fluid doesn't come out...I assume you tightened the fittings with a brake-line wrench...Open-end wrenches seldom tighten the fittings enough to seal properly.....
Edward Wesson 52TD

Yes I did tighten all the connections as I went around the car bleeding the brakes. As usual it took several tries at each connection to get all to stop leaking. I just don't know why it will not pump up and get a firm pedal! Thanks for any help.

John Progess

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