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MG MGA - Brake shoe thickness

Am rebuilding the front end and pondering as to whether I really need to replace the brake shoes.

Does anyone know at what point/thickness one needs to replace the shoes?

Also. is it possible to measure the remaining thickness of the drums to ascertain as to whether new drums are required? I only have a simple straight vernier

And what is the difference or benefit related to rivetted or bonded replacement shoes?


once you have run out of adjustment, you need shoes. Bonded ones can be worn down more than riveted ones.
Art Pearse

For riveted linings, replace shoes before the rivets touch the drums. For bonded linings, replace shoes before the steel shoe touches the drum. If the drums have been turned oversize you may need to replace shoes sooner, whenever the adjusters run out of travel.

Drums are originally 10.000" inside diameter. Turning oversize +.020 to +.040 may be okay. Turning oversize to +.060 is marginal and may cause problems with adjusters, even with new linings.

Sometimes new shoes may not fit inside the drums. Sometimes new shoes run out of adjustment. Find lots more information on drum brakes here:
Barney Gaylord

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