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MG MGA - Brass Firing Order Plate?

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone could show me where the little brass firing order plate goes? It is shown in many parts catalogues, but I can't see where it actually goes / fits to.

Grant :-)
G Hudson

On top of intake manifold log, same two studs that hold P-clips for the heater water return pipe.
Barney Gaylord


R J Brown


2 copper pipes? What is the second one for?

Steve Gyles

I think that's a reflection from the valve cover.

SJ Jackson

Not to make fun of you Steve G, but that gave me a chuckle. I guess we're not used to having shiny things in the engine compartment with these cars.

Not quite as funny as when my wife asked my twin brother when his birthday was. "I know it's right around Larry's."

My brother was ROFL.

L Wheeler

Quite an optical illusion! Very good. Even now knowing it's a reflection, I had to take a long hard look. Time for my annual eye check!

Steve Gyles

I have a love/hate relationship with this site. I love all the help you can get but as soon as you think you have your car right, somebody posts a thread, and you realise there is something else you need to do/buy. oh well!!
Nigel Munford


thank you very much for the quick reply. Oh well, I've not got the standard manifold (running 1.75" HS6s), so I'll have to be inventive.


Grant :-)

PS Steve Gyles - I think you should have gone to Specsavers! ;-)
G Hudson

Why is a short piece of copper pipe used here?
Nigel Munford


The price of copper was much less (compared to rubber) in those days!

From an engineering perspective you do not want long pieces of flexible hose, especially running across an engine. Note that the copper pipe is rigidly clamped and that rubber hose is only used to bridge the gaps where there is relative movement.
Neil McGurk

Why then is there a long rubber hose from the top of the rocker cover?
Nigel Munford

What are the dimensions of the pipe, i.e.lengthetc, as mine is a old bit of central heating pipe that has been stuck in?
Nigel Munford

WOT? no choke cable?

See picture.
Tube is 1/2 inch outside diameter. 16" long with a 4 1/2 " leg. Material was 19 1/2 before it was bent to shape.

R J Brown

Thanks R J, thats just what I wanted.
Nigel Munford

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