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MG MGA - Brooklands MG Era yesterday

Lovely weather and a fine turn out of all models. The 'A's were parked around Concorde.

The hanger work is still under way and the finishing straight is a mess. One of the Brooklands volunteers was telling me that the old steel girders from the 1939 hanger were taken down and found to be so good, that they were shot blasted, re-galvanised and re-used. Not bad for 75 year old steel. Say that for Chinese steel.


Colin Manley


I notice that Sultan Qaboos of Oman's retired VC10 is still parked behind Concorde.

This VC10 was the only one to ever come back to land at Brooklands. It first flew from here on 17 October 1964 and subsequently flew with British Caledonian.

The Sultan of Oman purchased this VC10 for his Royal Flight of Oman in 1974 and donated the aircraft to Brooklands on its retirement.

Deputy Commander of the Royal Flight David Parsons and Captian Richard King flew the aircraft from Muscat via Heathrow to land at Brooklands on 6 July 1987.

Talk was to build a hanger for this VC10 but sadly that has until now never happened.

Sultan Qaboos' Royal Flight moved on to a DC8 and a 747SP in the late '80s.


Doug Wallace

You should buy it Doug! It would look great with your hotel logo on the side of it!😁

I'm sure that Derek wouldn't mind doing the servicing of it for you!😁

Colyn Firth

And you might tempt Mr. Gyles to fly it for you. Although he would probably think the handbrake was on!
Barry Gannon

Colyn, there is an aircraft parked right beside the road a kilometre from us here in Bali, I think the owner wants to make a restaurant. I will pass on your suggestion to Derek, he will visit Bali in May, after Yani and I return from the Big Aus. Adventure.

Barry, I wonder if StevieG has flown a VC10?

I worked in Oman for 5 years, 1986 -1991, running the Royal Flight Club for the pilots, engineers and others employed by Sultan Qaboos' Royal Flight.

The DC8 was later pensioned off and a second 747 purchased, this in addition to two Gulfstream IV aircraft.

Pic shows an official visit to Muscat of a Saudi royal, sometime in the '80s.


Doug Wallace

Barry and Doug. No. Only fighters. I went round that Brooklands VC10 at the MG do a couple of years ago. I recall it was quite musty inside.

Steve Gyles

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