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MG MGA - Brooklands Near Tacoma, WA?

I'm considering having some work done by Brooklands in Tacoma. Does anyone from the PNW have any experience with them? Recommended?
DJ Zurawski

Web site here:
I won't be able to visit there until late June, but it looks like an upstanding business. Member of British Motor Trade Association, and they host tech sessions for the local car club, MG Car Club Northwest Centre. There are five different divisions of the club.
Suggest you check out the club and ask questions there. I have visited that club on multiple occasions. See photos and notes here:


I stopped by Brooklands about 10 years ago while putting together my five speed conversion. They sold me a Mgb clutch arm at a very reasonable price. I didn't have any work done, but I can say the counter man was very nowledgeable.

I had my engine rebuilt in Seattle at Autosport Seattle. They have since moved out near Ballard,I think it is. The engine was a total tear down, with no surprises when the bill was presented. The engine runs great.

If you are in that area,it might be worth an inquiry at their shop.

Ray Ammeter

I was at Brooklands just last week to pick up new fuel lines for my MGA. I can highly recommend them. They restored my car about 12-15 years ago (they had it for almost 3 years, working on it during the slow months). If you want to talk to Matt, the owner, it's best to go by in person. He's frequently under a car, or helping another customer, so he seldom answers the phone. Pictures of my restoration are at the link.
David Breneman

Did you ever find the Ice Blue material ?

Ian Prior

I checked out your web page. Your car, did it come from the Poulsbo area? There was a white MGA that was stored north of Poulsbo for awhile. The the last time I saw it, it was near Suquamish. At that time I asked about buying it, but they never got back to me. Which would have been about 2001 or so.

Ray Ammeter

Ian - No update since the Nimoy page. A company in Britain would make it, but I had to buy enough to do about 20 cars. I couldn't find more than 3-4 other people at the time interesting doing in it. The cost would have been thousands of dollars.

Ray - I bought it in 1986 from a fellow in Renton, up on the hill overlooking the Boeing facility. It was barely drivable, and sat under a tarp for over a dozen years before a divorce and lower mortgage interest rates made it possible to refinance my house AND get the money for the restoration for a reduced monthly payment.
David Breneman

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