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MG MGA - Bulkhead insulation

On of my winter projects is to retro fit bulkhead insulation to my coupe. Moss say they don't do a kit but Barney has a good picture of a Moss pad fitted. It may be a US item only. Does anyone know of a UK supplier for the insulation?
J H Cole

Make your own! create a template with cardboard. It's a lot cheaper. Use spray adhesive to secure and then use silver foil tape that they use for duct work to seal all the edges and hold in place.

WMR Bill

I bought one for my coupe from Octagon Motors, Vancouver, BC. I believe this was made in Belgium. It is brilliant in quality, and fit with some very minor cutting - heater hole, and each side of the pedal brackets which were already fitted.
Cost was reasonable fr the intricacy of the finished product - around $150 if I recall correctly. It was taped in last week awaiting me gluing it in this weekend once I steel myself for the contortions required to get under the dash!
You could email Colin Fitzgerald @ Octagon -, for price and availability. Tell him you got his email address from me.
P. Tilbury

koolmat is a thin high-tech silicone-based mat that is probably the ultimate material for insulating and sound-deadening. Southgate British sells the material in a kit for the MGA or by the foot - VERY expensive. I don't think that the individual precut pieces in the kit are available, but like another poster recommended, its easy to make a pattern, if the firewall is bare of hardware.

I have no commercial interest in this product, but I have purchased it and can personally recommend it. A NAMGAR article by Mike Ashe is reproduced on the website.

Steve Brandt

WRM, I made an attempt a while ago to make one but found that forming the circular holes quite difficult - it was the fibre backing that defied the diy punch that I was using, it ended up a fairly untidy. Also since my enterprise is a retro fit its difficult to take a pattern.
J H Cole


you could always try Brown and Gammons or some of the smaller outfits. Sometimes they offer better prices and more selection of the "rarer" parts.

either that or the Little British Car Company in the USA are very helpful.

Grant :-)
G Hudson

JH, you could probably order one from Cecelia at Scarborough Faire, Rhode Island. I know that she ships to different parts of the world. I got mine from her and it fitted very well to my 1960 coupe with a contact cement. It could be fairly hard to fit with all the instruments and wiring still behind the dash. I installed mine when I was restoring the car. I think it does help with the heat from the engine compartment. Remember to fill the gap between the top of the bulkhead and the underside of the cowl with foam sealer. I also covered everything else in dynamat extreme and believe I have one of the coolest and quietest coupes.

Good Luck


Andy Preston

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