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MG MGA - Bushing Sets

Anybody have any knowledge or experience on the different type of bushing sets? I replaced mine when I did the restoration with the standard Moss rubber type. I'm finding after 2 years and a few thousand miles they are disintegrating. I plan to replace them this winter so I am trying to see what the advantage is to the different types.
1. Prothane Polyurethane Bushing Sets
2.Polyurethane Bushing Sets
3. Heavy-duty rubber/steel bush set as fitted to MGB V8s
WMR Bill

Bill, I'm installing the poly bushings I bought from VB in my car but can't say if they are good or not since the project is far from complete. I have nylatron bushings in my midget for 10 years now without a problem along with poly bushings in the sway bar mounts, again no problems or wear. I think the poly is the only way to go these days. If you can wait until Janurary you may be able to save some bucks during the winter sale, that's when I bought mine and saved about 20%.
Bill Young

I installed the Rubber/steel bush set 8-9 years ago. I was immediately amazed at how much better the car felt compared to one I had done with the 2-piece original design. Not a single rattle! Even today, after 8 years and over 10,000 miles the car feels just as good. I would definitely recommend this one.

I have no idea about the poly or nylatron
C Schaefer

I highly recommend the prothane.

I went with the red hardness 3 years ago. Still in fine condition
T McCarthy

I had the V8 ones until I did all the rubbers on the front end two years ago or thereabouts. Even though they were in good shape, I had bought some poly ones, and decided to fit those instead.

I was happy enough with the V8 ones, but do feel that the poly ones (blue) have given a better ride.
dominic clancy

I rebulit the front end on my car last winter using the black urethane bushings from Moss. Being black, they look quite similar to the original rubber parts at a glance...which is important for those who crawl under my car to glance at the suspension bushings :). Ater 3000-ish miles this summer, I'm still very pleased with the ride.
Andy Bounsall

Go to the MGB Technical BBS archive and search for "polyurethane bushings." Steve Strange (a.k.a. Steve S) has several excellent descriptive technical postings concerning the use of the V8 bushings, OEM rubber style, and polyurethane. Basically, he recommends the polyurethane bushings from Superflex (UK) and gives "Shore-A" ratings recommendations. There are several manufacturers and a wide variety of hardnesses and durability and a lot of opinions and advice has been generated by people who had unfortunate experiences ordering from vendors whom they expected would give quality goods and, instead, received low-grade low-cost items. For point of reference, I recently totalled up the cost of outfitting an MGA with an MGB front suspension (my setup), excluding sway bar bushings, and the package came out to be about $115 minus shipping from Superflex.

Steve Brandt

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