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MG MGA - Buying an MGA Coupe

In another thread I asked about the fair price for a 59 MGA Coupe. I currently own a 52 TD and may want to introduce it to an MGA. I've looked at the car and now plan to do a more thorough assessment before making an offer.

The car had a complete body off resto in 2004-5 and I've seen photos of the work and all seems to have been well done. The car also has a rebuilt MGB 1800cc engine that's been re-bored, ground, had new pistons etc. It has an MGB overdrive box, a new exhaust system, disc brakes on the front, new Pirelli tires, new fuel pump, etc.

My question is this - what kinds of things should I be on the look out for both in terms of car integrity and mechanicals?

I'll be posting the same message on the MGB thread.

Thanks in advance.
Phil Atrill

Well, it sounds very nice, but you never know what corners have been cut during the restoration. Obviously, you will want to check the sills out and the frame for rust and signs of poor restoration workmanship. I had purchased a repaired frame only to find that the method of repair was bondo and black paint. As restorations vary considerably in their quality and price, you will want to justify the purchase price with the quality and accuracy of the restoration. If you have questions regarding mechanicals, a competent mechanic in the area should be able to assist you in that department if you're not.
Mike Parker

Probably the most difficult part of an MGA rebuild is the panel fit, so check for panel alignment, including door, bonnet and boot gaps.

Steve Gyles

The window lifts on coupes suffer from wear and sometmes fail. Check how smoothly they go up and down and check for free play in the mechanism. If suspect, you might remove the door trim and have a look, or at least ask what was done during rebuild.
G T Foster

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