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MG MGA - Caliper bolts

Does anyone know where i can get a new set of bolts to hold the two halves of the 1600 brake calipers together and what size they are?

I know they are "X" rated high tensile bolts but I can't find a source and a couple of UK based caliper rebuilders I've spoken to don't seem to be able to get them at the moment.


John Francis

John, they should be good to re-use
Art Pearse

John, Despite the manual saying they should always be replaced, I have always re-used them, as I have yet to find replacements. I have never had a problem in 3 car rebuilds.
BM Gannon

John, I reused mine and have had no problems, but did replace the rubber seal between the two halves. I also painted the calipers with silver epoxy caliper paint from Eastwood and it really makes a difference to the finished look of the calipers, especially with chrome wires. The paint is also resistant to brake fluid.

Andy Preston

Thanks everyone for your comments. I have since found that Todd Clarke can supply the bolts and the lock tabs in a kit for $9.50 or bolts at $2.25 each. I had my calipers painted with a ptfe loaded paint used on aircraft brakes by Bigg Red. Unfortunately they don't do a silver or grey so had to settle for racing green.

John Francis

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