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MG MGA - Cam Bearings

I'm searching for an alternative to having my new cam bearings line bored. Mt machine shop doesn't have the equipment so I'd have to go out of town to have the work done. I've purchased and installed bearings from Victoria British who have said that their set should not need reaming but the cam will not even slide in. I've searched the arcives and find Dura Bond DA-2, Clevite SH481S and Federal Mogal 1307 M recommended to install and not need reaming but I don't seem to be able to find a source from whom to order. My block is a 1622. I'd welcome any words of wisdom.
J. Hudrlik

What sources have you tried to order through? Any good auto parts store, especially one like NAPA, BAP, or Car Quest, should be able to get these bearings for you. If not, simply "Google" Dura Bond Bearings as I just did. Quite a number of on line sources seem to be available.

Les Bengtson

Just how much of an adventurist are you? 30 years ago, I rebuilt my engine. I did the assy but the local speed shop did all the machining. Tanked the block, machined the block and crank, fitted the rods,line bored the block etc... They pressed in the cam bearings but did not have the capability to ream them. They told me how to do it by hand. They were a reputable shop in the area and were confident that I could do it myself. The bearings were hand carved using a sharp knife. The bearing material was soft so carving the bearing was easy. It took a lot of trial and error. Fitting and refitting of the cam shaft. Every time it was fit, a witness (shiney) mark was left on the bearing where there was an interference. That told me where to carve next. I finally got it to where it fit together and turn smoothly. Too tight and you risk the chance of spinning the bearing under operation.

This is not a process for the faint of heart. The rebuilt engine sat for 18 years before I started it up. It is the engine that is in my current car with now over 10,000 miles. Oil pressure is good.

It can be done if you are willing to try.

P.S. On the 2nd MGA engine they machined for me, they did the cam bearing boring. id did run slightly lower oil pressure though. Perhaps they got a new piece of boring equipment or used the bearings you mentioned.

However, I really would recommend going out of town for the fitting. The other alternative is to install a different set of bearings from one of the sources you mention. Should be able to special order them from any local parts shop (NAPA or other good shop)

C Schaefer

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