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MG MGA - cam thrust plate gasket?

Is there a gasket between the cam thrust plate and the engine front plate? The Service Parts List shows one but non of the usual supplier show it.
Thanks, George
G Goeppner

Maybe I just answered my own question; how could the thrust plate function as a "thrust plate" if there was a gasket in place....? Duuhh...
G Goeppner

George, No.
Art Pearse


You say that the Service Parts List shows a gasket for the camshaft locating plate. I can't see it. What Part Number are you referring to?

M F Anderson

Mick, its AA21, joint-camshaft locating plate, on Plate AA.

G Goeppner


The gasket is shown in the 1500 Service Parts list, but not in the 1600 version of the SPL.
See attached image.


M F Anderson

Mick, if you are refering to item 18 on the drawing, that is a camshaft locating plate, not a gasket. I just re-assembled my 1500 engine 3 months ago and remember it well.
Lindsay Sampford

Mick, sorry if you were saying the image did NOT show the gasket!
Lindsay Sampford

Hello Lindsay,

Yes, I was saying that the earlier image posted was from the 1600 Service Parts List and does not show the gasket.
Attached is an image from the 1500 SPL which does show the gasket.


M F Anderson

According to my 1500 parts book AKD1055, the gasket was deleted starting with engine GB259. This goes hand in hand with the change in design of the camshaft locating plate. So only if you have one of the first few engines, do you need a gasket. Or if you use a later version (99.9% of all MGA's) locating plate. This seems to make sense as using a gasket or not would change the end float of the camshaft.
Chuck Schaefer

I didn't fit the gasket or know of its existence when I re-built my 1500. If I had fitted a gasket there I think the end float on the camshaft would have been too great. There certainly was a little end float without the gasket.
Lindsay Sampford

The end float is set by the machined shoulder on the back side of the chain wheel; the plate is sandwiched between the cam front journal and the wheel.
The plate takes thrust in two directions, though the primary force is unidirectional, induced by the skew gears on the camshaft.
The only difference the gasket would make is a few thou forward on the entire cam, but the end float would not change.
The gasket also would not be sealing anything, since there is free oil on all sides of the plate.

FR Millmore

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