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MG MGA - Cam timing

I am installing a standard MGA cam into my Austin A60 block. There are timing dots on the two chain wheels for the timing. Will the same timing dots give me the correct MGA valve timing?
Art Pearse

Most probably yes, but my best advice would be to obtain the excellent book "How to power tune MGB 4 cylinder engines" by Peter Burgess. On pgs 104-8 he describes cam specifications (including MGA) and more importantly he clearly explains how to check your valve timing and what you can do if it is not correct - something not unusual apparently.
Tony Mitchell

I think the answer is yes too. I compared the old and new cams and the No 1 lobe nearest to the driven end is pretty much in line with the drive keyway in both cases. Maybe a couple of degrees off, but then the MGA timing is supposed to be a bit different.
Art Pearse

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