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MG MGA - Camshaft bearings

Are new camshaft bearings supplied finished or semi-finished (requiring reaming after installation) ?
A Pearse

Last I knew, Moss and V.B. were still supplying original type semi-finished cam bearings requiring finishing after installation. I dom't know if any of the Brit parts suppliers have finished cam bearings.

I usually let my local engine shop procure and install the cam bearings, lending them the cam to use as a check to be sure it fits and turns free before I pick up the block. The shop is generally sharp enough to procure precision cam bearings (from local warehouse) to avoid the labor of finishing after installation. See here:
I seem to recall the cam bearings are a common part used in small block Chevy V8 (or something like that).
Barney Gaylord

Gentleman: Moss does offer finished camshaft bearing, you just have to ask when ordering.

Had my 1588cc engine rebored, ground, new camshaft, pistons, shells, camshaft and its bearings, etc., this year. The rebuilder had to line-ream the camshaft bearings out and said he preferred doing it this way, as it ensured the bores alignment. I believe it needed a special press, so was quite happy I'd left this to the professional. The cam bearings came from Bob West. I assembled it all with 'Graphogen' grease for that start-up moment, gaskets sealed with Wellseal and everything in the garden is rosey!
Pete Tipping

From everyone's comments, I take it that if you buy semi finished, or split bearings, then reaming is in order, if you buy finshed, then you should not ream or you may cut too much).
Now another question, if the existing cam bearings are OK, is it in order to simmply fit a new camshaft? Or at least do a try fit up. My old camshaft (Austin A60) looks pretty good ( journal ovality <=.0001) so I think the bearings may be also.

A Pearse

All the sizes and tolerances for the three different sized bores are given in the MGA manual. Clearance is given as 0.001 - 0.002in. You must also check an old camshaft is still straight too. Know nothing about A60 camshafts.
Pete Tipping

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